Friday, July 28, 2017

JR Pass bought at JTB Silom Complex for 8,700.- ea., plane tickets, Passport renewal, Pocket WiFi bought at Narita Airport, exchanged for JPY, hotels booked (Booking, Agoda, Japanican)

Sun 16 July: Arrived at Narita Airport and headed for music business at Osaka Hotel Shin-Imamiya.
Mon 17 July: Left Osaka for Kiikatsuura Station, took a ferry to Hotel Urashima. Enjoyed the hotel big dinner buffet. 
Tue 18 July: Bought a day pass ticket to Daimonzaka Slope and Nachi Fall. Then left for Wakayama and checked in at Daiwa Roynett.
Wed 19 July: Went to the fish market at Marina City in the morning and left for Tokyo. Arrived in Tokyo and stayed at Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae. Unfortunately couldn't go to the music street for music business at Ochanomizu as intended. Met an old friend for a dinner.
Thu 20 july: Left all the luggage at locker at Ueno Station and went to Kusatsu. Stopped at NaganoharaKusatsu station and took a bus to Kusatsu for just 25 mins. Enjoy Yubatake, Sainokawara Park. Had dinner and Asahi beer with good view from the restaurant's second floor overlooking Yabutake.
Fri 21 July: Took a bus back to the NaganoharaKusatsu station and continued onward to Tokyo at Ueno station. Arrived at Narita Airport and return the pocket WiFi router. The plane took off 9pm and arrived BKK 1am+1.

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