Friday, March 31, 2006

Giving is receiving. You do it for your pleasure, not somebody else!

I think, I've heard an expression "Giving is receiving." somewhere before and that was long time ago the last time I heard that. I have to say long time ago because it wouldn't be easy to hear that very often, nowadays, especially during the digital age when we are all pampered by the aroma of capitalism and materialism, i.e. spending money seek for what we think is best for us, doing online transaction via the internet. With this concept in mind, we seem to focus only on ourselves and forget the fact that we all human beings live in the same world and share the same destiny. We most of the time think inside ourselves and that's why we sometimes suffer from happiness or sadness. I think it is wise to think out of ourselves for some time and look at others. As I said, all share the same destiny. That means people's happiness and sorrow are in some way linked to us by destiny.

So far as we have enough money to spend for all we need to pamper ourselves in the pond of lust and desire, we don't seem to care much about others. How can we give, not realizing the value of giving. Sounds a bit far from possible. I personally believe that people who give are those who suffered before in the course of their living and at some point realized the value of what they received from other people around them. That's how they learn the value of 'giving', not from the direct meaning of giving itself.

It was not until now that I really perceive this meaning -which could be true based on my direct experience. But since you're already reading up to here, I think you may be a kind of person who might agree with what I've said so far and I'm gonna convince you even more with further more examples.

When you give, you receive right away. There is no waiting for what you did to pay off and there is no use, actually, to do so. It's pointless waiting for the good deed you did to return as they say "What goes around, comes around." To me, you receive somthing right at the same time as when you give.

I have some reasons in saying so:

You have to know the value of 'giving' first before you will receive this kind of pleasure.


I'm sleepy now. Time for a nap. This i s just my first draft. I'll finish an dproofread it later. Bye.

Stir Fried Veggies (8/10)

1. Carrot
2. Broccoli
3. Garlics
4. Oyster sauce
5. Fish sauce
6. Sugar
7. Cooking oil

8. Hot water

How to:

Fry garlics in cooking oil. Then, put slices of carrot, broccoli. Stir them all up and mix with fish and oyster sauce. Pour a bit of hot water to make it juicy. Serve hot.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sweet Pumpkin ()

1. Pumpkin
2. Thai Palm sugar
3. Salt
4. Coconut milk

How to:
Boil coconut milk in a pot. Put sliced pumpkin into the pot. Put palm sugar and salt as you like.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Buab Pad Kung Haeng (บวบผัดกุ้งแห้ง) 9/10

1. 'Buab'
2. Dried shrimes
3. Garlics
4. Cooking oil
5. Fish sauce
6. Soy sauce
7. Hot water

How to:
Fry garlics with cooking oil and dried shrimes. Then stir fry all the ingredients with sliced 'buab'. To make it juicy, put a bit of hot water in it. I couldn't find the right word in English for 'buab'. Can anybody tell me?