Friday, December 01, 2006

Mu Pad Prig King

1. sliced pork
2. Thai chilli paste (Pad Prig King paste)
3. fish sauce
4. oyster sauce
5. capsicum
6. onion

How to:
1. Stir fry chilli paste with half a cup of cooking oil. Add pork and other ingredients. Taste it. Add whatever you like.

Kao Pad Mu

This is one of the first my dishes.

1. sliced pork

2. garlics
3. pepper
4. fish sauce
5. oyster sauce
6. soy sauce
7. salt
8. sugar
9. onion
10. tomato

How to:
Chop up garlics very fine and fry it with sliced pork in cooking oil. Then add in slices of onions and tomatoes. Stir them all up and flavor with all the sauce.

Tips: Use lots of garlics and white pepper. This is where the main flavor comes from.