Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kana Pad Kai

1. Chicken
2. Chinese Broccoli
3. Fish sauce
4. Sauce sauce
5. ABC sauce
6. Garlics
(N.B. Oyster sauce is optional. This time I didn't use it.)

How to:
Frist, marinate chicken with soy sauce and sugar. Chop up garlics and stir them in hot oil. Fry marinated chicken. Then add the vegetables. Flavor them with all the sauce.

Pad Gana Bean Sprout

1. Two cans of fermented Gana vegetables
2. One bag of Bean Sprouts
3. Fish sauce

4. Sesame oil

How to:

Fry gana vegetables in cooking oil and sesame oil. Pour in bean sprouts and stir fry till cooked. Then, add fish sauce.